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Death Dreams & Desire 2022

Part of a group exhibition inspired by the work of Sigmund Freud.  Focusing on his work on the interpretation of dreams, this site specific installation in a derelict house (Safehouse1, London) shared my personal dreams from the last 30 years using stitch, printmaking and audio.  The audio soundtrack alternated me narrating my dreams with Freud's writings about what dreams mean.  Visitors experienced the unconscious mind spilling out of a fireplace and fragments of dreams falling from the rafters, along with portrait imagery of the sleeping artist.

Embodied Loss 2021

Unspoken 2019

This site specific installation was part of a group exhibition at the Crypt Gallery in Hastings, UK. It was part of a larger personal project about displacement, loss and inherited legacy inspired by my own family history.  In 2018 I was given previously unseen paperwork from World Jewish Relief documenting the support given to my father and grandparents when they arrived in England as refugees from Nazi occupied Europe in 1938.  An immersive space conveying the multitude of difficult feelings and pain they must have experienced and the discomfort that endures from this history.
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