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Born in London in 1967, Mandy lives and works in the UK and Spain.  A self-taught artist, she creates site specific installations and works primarily with collage, stitch, printmaking and photography.  Her work is research led and informed by her interest in the role of the unconscious.  She works with installation because of the immediacy of the experience - and the way that the viewer can become part of the artwork itself.  She is passionate about the way that all of the senses are engaged in immersive artworks and how viewers' responses and questions can be more intense, interesting and profound than in other art forms.  


Previous work includes installations on the refugee experience (Unspoken, 2019) the embodiment of loss (2021) and the meaning of dreams (Death, Dreams and Desire, 2022).

Mandy is currently working on ideas around privacy, shame and the mind-body connection.

Photo: Stuart Hull
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