Mandy is continuing her work on displacement, loss and inherited legacy.  She is working on a series of large 2D mixed media pieces, one of which can be seen here.  These pieces focus on the dual themes of traces and hauntings.  Mandy is interested in events and imagery that manifest in our lives, often without our full knowledge or consent.  These unconscious hauntings and traces of the past are the central drivers of her current work. 


Mandy is currently working on a project about displacement, loss and inherited legacy.  It was inspired when in 2018, she received paperwork from World Jewish Relief documenting the support given to her father and grandparents when they arrived in England in 1938.  Victims of Nazi persecution, they could not speak English and were virtually penniless.  Much has been written about the way in which trauma and indeed loss can be transmitted unconsciously from generation to generation.  It was with this in mind that Mandy began exploring her own narrative through a considered construction of visual and experiential pieces, shown in the group exhibition 'Unspoken' in August 2019.   She intends to show new work from this project in 2020, including some large scale works and a performance piece.


Mandy is exhibiting with all female collective Now We Are 7 at the Coastal Currents Festival in late August, early September 2019.  They have secured the wonderful exhibition space at 'St.Mary in the Castle' in Hastings from August 31st 2019 until September 8th 2019. The exhibition is called 'Unspoken' and they will be presenting a diverse mix of works exploring this concept.  See below for more information and click here to find out more about Coastal Currents.


In mid August 2019 and the last weekend of August you will be able to see a selection of Mandy's stitched paper dresses made especially for 'Artwave', an annual arts festival in Sussex.  She will be showing these and other dress related items with the Fairways Collective, a group of 5 female artists.  Details below and more information about Artwave here.

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